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Custom stack-a-ribbon® Identification Ribbon

  • stack-a-ribbons® customized for your event.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Order 100 ribbons or more, and receive a FREE Ribbon OneWay™ Case. (The cases will be included automatically, as many as needed to hold all your ribbons.)
  • Easy to read, attach, and stack.
  • TIP: If you do not require an image, then you might be able to save time and money by instead ordering STOCK stack-a-ribbons®.
  • RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE for 4" x 2" size (last drop-down menu provided below).
  • We also offer FULL COLOR, horizontal ribbons.
  • It's no wonder this patented design is a best-seller; just pull the adhesive strip, and you can easily stack one, two, three, or more ribbons for a bright professional look that gets noticed. These ribbons are excellent identifiers for your attendees and are also easy-to-read recognition awards.
  • Free custom logo or other custom image (that you submit via email).
  • Tape included in price.
  • Anti-fray edges keep your ribbons looking sharp, attractive, and professional.
  • Select from four different sizes (see drop-down menu below). The height figure includes the tape area. Red, white, & blue ribbon is available only for 4" w x 2" h
  • Choose from 41 ribbon color options.
  • Choose from 15 imprint color options.
  • Choose from 19 font styles, or submit your text as a custom image containing text using your preferred font style.
  • Fill in this page for each custom title. For example, fill in this page for SPEAKER, then again for for BOARD OF / DIRECTORS, then again for HOST, etc. For each custom title, there is a basic setup fee of $15.00 for 100 ribbons or more, or $30.00 for fewer than 100 ribbons.
  • You may use one or two imprint colors for your text and/or image. For two-color imprinting, there is a minimum order requirement of 250 ribbons per unique customization.
  • If you require an image, only images that you submit may be used. No stock images are available for this kind of ribbon. Stock images are available for most other kinds of custom ribbons.
  • We recommend against using Black, Prism, Gunmetal, or Rainbow imprint on dark ribbons or on neon ribbons.
  • Imprint area will have a border of at least 1/4" around edge of ribbon.
Minimum Order Requirement For "Big Meeting" Products
This product is part of our "Big Meeting" collection (product IDs that start with "J-"). When ordering one or more "Big Meeting" products, there is a minimum order requirement of at least 65 dollars worth of "Big Meeting" products in your cart before checkout. To view an in-stock identification ribbon that does not require a minimum, please see our Classic, Identification Ribbons. To view a custom ribbon that does not require a minimum, please see these custom ribbons.
Minimum Order Requirement For Custom Products
This product is a custom product. When ordering one or more custom products, there is a minimum order requirement of at least 150 dollars worth of ANY products in your cart before checkout.  If you are looking for ways to efficiently bring your order up to this minimum requirement, we recommend that you consider products from our "Big Meeting" collection.

Availability:  Usually ships in 6 business days.  How soon can I get it?  Learn about shipping options.

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Product ID:  J-003
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Alignment - Vertical
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Basic Setup
Rush Service
Customization Instructions
   • Use the case that is desired for product (upper case, etc.).
   • Typical is all letters in upper case.
   • Limit is 22 characters per line. Typical is 16 or fewer.
   • You do not have to fill in all the lines.
   • Please view examples.
   Line 1:
   Line 2:
   Line 3:
   Line 4:
   Additional Instructions (optional) (e.g., previous order #):

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