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Custom, Tail-type, Full Color Ribbon

  • FULL COLOR, tail-type ribbons customized for your event.
  • No limit on number of colors.
  • We also offer TRADITIONAL (hot stamped foil) custom, tail-type ribbons (lower price).
  • Use this ribbon to tell a story or sell a product like never before. Your message will come to life thanks to our new full-color, digital-direct imprinting that offers unlimited colors, fades, and bleeds.
  • Great for retail events and promotions.
  • Perfect addition to a permanent badge.
  • Tape included in price.
  • Choose from three sizes (see menu below). The measurements include the tape area.
  • An image is required for the entire ribbon. You have two options: (1) create the image (for the entire ribbon) yourself, and then email that image to us -- image should be color and vector based, with 1/4" bleed, or (2) instruct us to create the image for you (art labor fee applies).
  • No setup fee, although an art labor fee may apply if you require art labor.
  • PMS color match not available for this product.
  • Fill in this page (Step 1: "ribbon") and then fill in the next page (Step 2: "Setup") for each custom ribbon design. Step 1 + Step 2 = one lot. To separate the lots, use the "Lot Number" drop-down menus to assign a unique number to each lot (example).
  • To submit an image, email your image after checkout. In the image file name, include your order number and the lot number.
  • Minimum quantity per lot is 100. After the first 100, sold in increments of 1. All ribbons in a particular lot must be exactly the same. Volume discounts apply across lots as long as the product ID is the same.
Minimum Order Requirement For Custom Products
This product is a custom product. When ordering one or more custom products, there is a minimum order requirement of at least 150 dollars worth of ANY products in your cart before checkout.  If you are looking for ways to efficiently bring your order up to this minimum requirement, we recommend that you consider products from our "Big Meeting" collection.

Availability:  Usually ships in 7 business days.  How soon can I get it?  Learn about shipping options.

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Product ID:  J-048

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