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Created: 11/28/2004    Updated: 4/20/2013 
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The "imprint color" – also called "foil color" – is the color used to print the text and/or image onto the ribbon. Typically, only one imprint color is used. However, we can use multiple imprint colors (additional charges apply: per ribbon, setup, and custom die if using a custom image).

For stack-a-ribbons® (horizontal ribbons shown at the bottom of this page), the limit is two imprint colors. For vertical flat ribbons and for rosette ribbons, there is no limit. If you require more than three imprint colors, please contact us for a quote.

"Rainbow" or "Prism" imprint colors count as only one color.

Displayed below are some examples.

This example uses ONE imprint color: black.
This example uses TWO imprint colors: maroon and black.
This example uses THREE imprint colors: white, yellow, and maroon (behind "FREE").

The stack-a-ribbons® displayed below all use TWO imprint colors, except for the last ribbon, which uses ONE imprint color.

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