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Created: 3/7/2004    Updated: 4/5/2013 
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If you are submitting your own image ("custom image") for custom ribbons, we require camera-ready, clean, black-&-white line art in the actual size. If the image you submit requires art labor to make camera-ready, an art labor charge will apply. Art labor will usually add an additional 3-5 working days to production. Photocopies, drawings, or faxed art can only be used for estimating the fees for art labor and/or the fees for a custom die.

A custom image requires a die (even if the image is camera ready). The fee for the die depends on the item purchased and, for some products, the size of the image. We cannot hot stamp halftones, screens, or very fine line or intricate detail.

If you have already paid for a particular custom image (in your current order or in a previous order), then the custom image is free. Select "Use Custom Art On File" from the "Image" drop down menu in Step B.

Please email images to

The following formats are acceptable: CDR (CorelDRAW!), TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), AI (Adobe Illustrator), and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). Only PC formats are acceptable. No Macintosh formats. For exceptions, please first contact us.

We are unable to match PMS, in either foil or ribbon colors.

Registration for printing more than one foil color on a ribbon is limited to plus or minus 1/16 inch.

The customer assumes full responsibility for all claims and/or litigation arising from alleged infringement of licenses, patents, or copyrights on any submitted design or copy.

Over 100 stock images are available for all custom ribbons except for custom ribbons in our Big Meeting Collection. There is no art labor, die charge, or other image-related fee for using stock art.

For a case in which you would like to use both custom AND stock art, select the custom art option, and in Additional Instructions, provide the stock art identification code and a description of the stock art.

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