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Created: 2/27/2004    Updated: 10/19/2017 
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Listed below are the colors available for printing your image (stock image and/or custom image) and your text onto a custom, PREMIUM ribbon.

  • Bronze Foil
  • Gold Foil (most common)
  • Silver Foil (second most common)
NON-STANDARD FOIL COLORS (an additional per item charge applies to all ribbons in the lot if one or more ribbons in the lot will require a non-standard foil color):
  • Black Foil
  • Blue Foil
  • Brown Foil
  • Light Blue Foil
  • Metallic Blue Foil
  • Metallic Green Foil
  • Metallic Purple Foil
  • Metallic Red Foil
  • Orange Foil
  • Pink Foil
  • Purple Foil
  • Rainbow Foil
  • Rainbow Stripe Foil
  • Red Foil
  • Teal Foil
  • Yellow Foil

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